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Join The Hello Social Team

Whether you're a freelancer or looking for a full time gig, we've got you.

Real Life Benefits

Grow Your Personal Brand

World Class Learning Enviroment

Why choose us?

We're not like most marketing agencies, we are new, we're a start-up and with that comes exciting opportunities for you! 

Are you ready to be part of something?

Become a pioneer in building a start-up marketing agency right here in Derbyshire.


Take a look at the available vacancies and the opportunities we've got to work alongside us. We're always recruiting and looking for GREAT people. Are you joining next?

The Benefits of our business 

1. Meaningful Work

What we do directly impacts our clients' lives. One client has gone from 1k per month to 7/8k per month. Another generated 8.5k in sales within the first week of working with us. One client has grown in confidence so now she can speak to strangers about her business.

2. Confident Leadership

A lot of agencies don't really have a clear vision and mission. Our founders Abbie & David know exactly what they're trying to build here in Derbyshire. The mission is clear - let's get to work!

3. Freedom with a Framework

Our flexible working attitude means you get the same perks the Founders wish they had when they were employed (Friday afternoons off!). Whilst we have our non-negotiables, we know that people work in different ways. What that 'way' looks like is totally up to you.

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Marketing Executive

Salary £23-26k - Chesterfield & Remote

Junior Video Producer

Salary £23-26k - Chesterfield & Remote

Business Development Executive

£27k-£30k + Bonus - Chesterfield & Remote

Freelance Creative

Salary Varies - Chesterfield & Remote

Our current openings 

What our clients have to say

Don't just take our word for it for what it's like here at Hello Social. Watch our client testimonials about their experiences working with us below.

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